Through my website I hope to share my ongoing work at the Environment and Sustainability Institute and strengthen links between researchers working on resilience, vulnerability and adaptation around the world. My work would not be possible without collaboration: find out about the people I work with here.

I’m always interested in proposals for research and funded studentships, so do contact me.

About me
I started my research career with a PhD on women’s collective action in eastern Kenya. Although I was at the University of Nottingham, I spent most of my degree in Kenya. My work looked at how participating in women’s farming groups might help poorest households to escape poverty traps and overcome vulnerability to drought and other shocks.

This early work showed me how issues of poverty and environmental change are inextricably linked, and how social, economic and political factors – including gender, knowledge, property rights and culture – influence and mediate change. It taught me that structure and agency are intertwined. This early-career research has influenced my thinking much more than I realised at the time. It also drew me to focus my work on development studies for more than twenty years; holding a faculty position in the School of International Development at UEA. The school uniquely combines a commitment to research excellence, teaching and scholarship with on-going engagement to working with development agencies and civil-society groups and communities in developing countries. I created this website to communicate the findings from my Professorial Fellowship on ‘Resilient Development’.

I was fortunate to work at two pioneering interdisciplinary research centres at UEA – CSERGE and the Tyndall Centre – and to work alongside top, interdisciplinary and visionary thinkers in developing research programmes in these centres.

Between 2004 and 2014 I co-edited – with Neil Adger and Declan Conway the journal Global Environmental Change, and am part of the Resilience Alliance: an international scientific network, working across disciplines and applying ideas from resilience to address issues of sustainability.